Spatial Statistical Sites


A wide array of sites contain interesting spatial statistical content. Obviously, spatial statistics is a subset of statistics with many applications. Application areas include agriculture (yields between two adjacent plots are more similar than those far away), astronomy (gravity introduces dependence), biology (plants may repel or cluster), economics (wages vary regionally), geography (the study of such dependences), geology (minerals tend to cluster), manufacturing (defects tend to cluster), and real estate (houses in the same neighborhood share similarities). The increasing availability of georeferenced data coupled with the importance of space have led to an increased interest in spatial statistics.


All applications areas have their canonical tools for modeling space. Interestingly, some of these fields have developed similar techniques. For example, Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) was developed in geology and in economics independently. While geology recognized this quickly as an important spatial paradigm, Goldberger’s development of BLUP in economics was seen as primarily a time series tool. Equally interesting, some of the fields developed ad hoc techniques for spatial modeling. Statistical reasoning provides a framework for assessing these ad hoc techniques.


AI-Geostats has a wide array of information pertinent to spatial analysis. contains the Matlab Econometrics Toolbox with many spatial statistical programs and spatial data. contains spatial statistical software, spatial data, and spatial papers.


sarah herrick links contains a wide array of links to various statistical sites.


Dragoljub Pokrajac Links contains links to a very wide array of quantitative sites.


statcodes contains statistical software of various types.


econometrics journal online contains links to econometric software of various types.


LeSage Links contains links to econometric software sites. contains links to Matlab sites.


Matlab Toolboxes contains many Matlab toolbox links.


Statlib is one of the best repositories of statistical software and data.


Econometric Software contains a wide array of links to sites of econometric interest.


Statistics Education site touches upon a wide array of statistical topics.


Spatial Data Analysis and GIS provides information of relevant spatial software and spatial readings.


Fortran resources Michel Olagnon’s site contains Fortran 90 tools of interest.


Roger Bivand's Spatial Review Paper this examines a number of spatial statistical issues.


Tian Xuedong's Page contains links to sites of real estate interest


Roger Bivand's Spatial Software discussion discusses spatial statistical software implementation issues.


Montana State University Weed Ecology Group contains links to statistical software. contains some partial ranking routines which have spatial statistical applications in terms of finding nearest neighbors with multidimensional metrics (low dimensional routines should use Delaunay or quadtree techniques).


LSU Real Estate Research Institute contains spatial statistical real estate applications. highlights that most data have both spatial and temporal components. This can lead to some simplifications. a natural application for spatial statistical analysis arises in the context of valuation of entities such as houses with a strong locational component. Hedonic pricing attempts to unbundle the prices of bundled goods. discusses a common problem in regression which spatial statistical techniques can often ameliorate. examines briefly the generality of modeling the dependence among observations. discusses nonparametric regression with an emphasis on generalized additive models.


Economists on the web contains list of economists and their web pages.


Economics Information Resources provides information on a wide number of economics sites.


Spatial Papers gives a list of a large number of spatial works.


Hedonic Pricing Papers gives a list of a large number of hedonic pricing articles.


Hedonic Pricing Course discusses contribution of a number of hedonic pricing articles.


The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics has published a number of spatial hedonic pricing papers.


James LeSage Online Spatial Econometric Text explains the basics of spatial econometric methods.


Gordon Smyth's Statistical Directory lists both general and spatial statistical sites.


Hossein Arsham's Statistics Directory provides a wide array of statistical links with some specific spatial links as well.


Stata generously provides statistical links to competing products.


John Pezzullo organizes a large set of free software links.


Clay Helberg lists a number of sites of interest.


Linuxstart gives a number of links to technical sites, some with spatial statistical interest.


Scientific Applications on Linux organizes various links both spatial and non-spatial.


Linuxlinks also contains some spatial links.


Kelley Pace provides links to his spatial statistical sites.


More spatial links found at Tufts.


Arnold Neumaier in a wide ranging site lists many mathematical and statistical sites of interest.


Steven K. Baum gives his links to a variety of computer and statistical sites.


New England Aquarium has a website devoted to pelagic GIS which has interesting spatial links.


Another site with many interesting links.


Hsin-Cheng Huang provides a comprehensive set of spatial statistical links.


Links2go has a number of directory entries relating to spatial statistical topics.


An extensive Linux directory provides links to a number of statistical and mathematical packages.


An Urban Affairs set of links to GIS and Mathematics sites.


Laboratório de Estatística Espacial of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais has a very interesting site with some Brazilian spatial applications.


Eugene Gallagher has a site focusing on statistical (including spatial statistical) aspects of Oceanography.